I want to help plan the wedding, how can I make sure my fiancé and the mums don’t take over?

First you need to tell your fiancé you want to help. Then I suggest setting up a time to discuss the wedding and the plans so far, maybe over a nice dinner. Remember, it’s your wedding too and your opinions must be heard. I would suggest making the decisions with your fiancé and letting the mums know what you both have decided. Remember to stick to your guns and make sure your fiancé has your back. Be courteous and listen to the mums’ opinions, smile and nod, knowing in your mind that the final decision will be yours and your fiancé’s. If you make yourself available to your fiancé and make it fun to help plan the wedding she’ll love having you be a part of the process.
Should I discuss my financial goals with my partner before we get married?

Financial issues in marriage are one of the leading causes for conflict and divorce in America. Having open and honest conversations about your finances, financial views and joint plans for the future are essential. From experience with my clients, it's important to sit down with a third party to discuss your views and create a financial plan that’s best for both of you. They say that failing to prepare is preparing to fail. I think that is most apropos for this subject!
What are some questions I can ask jewelers about conflict free diamonds? What is the Kimberly Process?

Jewelers can now provide Kimberley certificates as proof of a “clean” diamond which they can declare as conflict free.

The Kimberly Process – created in 2003– is a voluntary, self-regulated system that established standards for certifying diamonds. A diamond with a Kimberly certificate guarantees that sales of that diamond did not go to finance a civil war.

You can also feel good in knowing that 100% of Whiteflash's Dreams of Africa collection profits go to communities impacted by the jewelry trade (WCCCI).

Some initial questions to ask a jeweler regarding conflict diamonds are:
  • What are your companies conflict diamond policies?
  • What is your companies definition of conflict free jewelry?
  • Can you provide official certification from an established grading lab?
  • Where do you source your diamonds from?
Should the groom’s boutonniere be different from the best man’s and the other male attendances?

With a small wedding party the grooms and best man boutonniere should be the same. With a larger party, the male attendance’s boutonnieres can be different from the grooms. Find only the best for your wedding day here!
I'm throwing my best friend a bachelor party. Is it a requirement to give him a gag gift?

Bachelor party gag gifts are completely optional. As Best Man, you're more than likely dipping deep into your pocket for the party. If you really want to give the groom a fun gift for the bachelor party, we recommend asking the other guests to chip in for a funny t-shirt for the groom to wear.
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Do you recommend a joint bachelor / bachelorette party?

One hundred percent, NO! The future bride and groom will presumably be spending the rest of their lives together. The bachelor party symbolizes the last night of freedom as an unmarried guy. You are supposed to do things that you won’t be able to do as easily once you are married. There is also the potential for arguments between the bride and groom over questionable activities that may take place. Combining the two parties may seem like a fun idea, but the complexities it introduces are just not worth it.
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